You may not know this, but our stretcher bars we use for stretching canvas prints are custom milled for us to a profile which we designed. We then receive them in long sticks which we cut down and hand join when we stretch a canvas print. This allows us to make just about any size print you want without any restriction on sizes that fall between full inches. We’ve been doing it this way for years now.

While hanging stretched canvas prints as they are, often called a gallery wrap, has been very popular, and looks great in our opinion, we’ve also had plenty of people who’ve wanted to be able to frame their canvas pieces yet want to maintain the canvas print look. Frames can add another level to the prints.

Thus, we are introducing custom canvas print framing. These frame are 100% handmade of wood in Charleston, SC. They are custom made to fit our stretcher bars, so your canvas prints float perfectly in the frame without sticking out and maintain a canvas print look. I have no hesitation in saying that you won’t find better quality frames, especially not local, handmade frames.

They come in two color options, black and brown. The black is made of ebonized oak and the brown of sapele, which is in the mahogany family. We can make nearly any size you need so let us know if you have a custom request.

These frames, which are built one at a time, take about a week to make and when you order them along with a print job you will receive the print already in the frame, ready to hang on the wall. For more information have a look here.