The most popular cameras these days aren’t technically cameras at all; they’re phones. And that actually makes a lot of sense. You have your phone with you everywhere you go, and so when you see something that catches your attention it take minimal effort to pull out your phone (which was probably already in your hand anyhow) and click away.

This fits perfectly with something I’ve heard from photographers ever since I got started in photography. I’d often ask much more experienced photographers what they thought was the best camera. The most common response boiled down to one simple concept: the best camera is the one that you have with you. I know for me personally the larger and heavier DSLRs have gotten the less inclined I am to lug that thing around everywhere I go (but I’ll say that The Fujifilm X series has changed me). But my phone is always with me and more than adequate for those quick photos I may never catch otherwise.

So, can we print photos from your phone? Yes, definitely! In fact, you might really be surprised at how nice of a print an image from an iPhone or Android device can make. We’ve printed iPhone images as large as 40×60″ before.

There are definitely limitations that phones face over cameras. The more you digitally zoom in on a phone the more you will very quickly degrade the file quality. Also, in ideal lighting a phone will do a great job, but as the lighting gets more tricky, or as it gets darker, the quality suffers.

So if you every have photos you’ve posted to Instagram or otherwise shot on your smart phone don’t give up hopes of being able to print them. If you’re unsure whether or not something will print well you can always send us the photos and we will have a look and tell you just how large we think they can go.