Tiffany Hicks is a Charleston, SC based photographer who photographs a wide range of subjects from weddings to dance, to births, and even MMA. She took a little time to talk with us about her work.

1. You have a lot of different categories on your website ranging from Weddings to Dance to MMA. Do you have a favorite subject that you like to shoot?

– I just shoot what I am passionate about, and that happens to be a lot of different things! I adore weddings, I love the energy and the excitement throughout the whole day. My husband is a professional MMA fighter, and that is how I got into that scene, which is so intense and fun. I’ve done races and soccer games, as well as dance recitals, and yearbook photos for dance studios and schools. It is all fun to me, and I love the different challenges each type of session brings.
2. You grew up here in Charleston. What was your favorite part of growing up here? 
-My family actually moved here a few weeks before Hurricane Hugo hit, so I have been here all of my life that I can remember. The beaches are nice of course, but I love all of the history surrounding our beautiful city. I like all of the touristy things you can do downtown, it’s just charming!


3. When did you first start taking photos? 

-I have taken photos for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I was always bugging my mom to go drop my film of to get it developed at the drugstore. When I had my oldest daughter Rosilee (who just turned 7), I decided I wanted to sharpen my skills since I had such a great model to work with constantly. So I researched, studied, practiced, and became the self taught photographer I am today.

4. I noticed that you do quite a bit of family photo shoots as well as working with photographing kids a lot. I also noticed that you have a lot of 5 star reviews online. Coordinating families with kids of various ages including babies can be difficult. What would you say is one of the key things about you and your process that leads to a successful family photo session? 

– Honestly, I’ve got to credit my own family for this one. We have four wonderful children of our own, Jason(15), Rosilee (7), Ronin (3), and Serafina (almost 2). They vary in ages and stages, so I am pretty much always current and familiar with how to work with a range of children. My kids have taught me patience and tons of tricks to help other kids feel comfortable and to laugh or smile (think lots of silly noises and sometimes a song or two).

5. Do you mostly shoot in Charleston or do you travel for shoots as well?

– Mostly in Charleston, although I shoot wherever I go. I do an occasional out of town/state wedding, and travel to Savannah at least yearly to shoot family reunions.


6. If you could go anywhere in the world to photograph, where would it be and what would you shoot? 

– Oh, the possibilities! I don’t do a lot of nature photography, but I would love to go shoot in Africa, or even in Alaska and shoot the various wildlife both places have to offer.

7. What are some of your favorite things to do besides photography?

– I love to eat! We are a family of foodies, and we like to have cooking challenges in our house with each other. Fitness is also pretty important, but my husband is better at that than I am! Ha!  We also like to travel when we can, even if it is just a weekend visit to Myrtle Beach or Charlotte. We are a close-knit family and on a mission to make great memories.

8. Canon or Nikon

– Nikon! I started out with a Canon but made the switch about a year in and never looked back.


9. macro or fish eye
– I’ve got to say I like fish eye better. I like the different aspect it gives, making the photos just a little bit funky and fun!

10. sunrise or sunset

-Yes please, either one! Both give a beautiful look and amazing light. I guess if I had to choose I’d say sunrise, but just because I am a better morning person than night owl.

11. still or action

– I can’t say I prefer one over the other. Given the range of things I cover, I’ve got love for both. There is something exhilarating about action shots, like shooting MMA, capturing a baby being born or even a bouquet toss at a wedding, because those moments are fleeting and gone so fast. It is like a small victory when you catch them because you can’t recreate them. Of course still shots of people or places are also beautiful, and can be so classically pretty.

12. portrait or landscape

– Landscape

13. bnw or color

– I’m a color fan, except for things like MMA and births.


14. handheld or tripod

– almost always handheld. The only time I use a tripod is when I’m shooting something like fireworks, where I need a time lapse option!

15. If you had the opportunity to photograph a famous moment or person in history, what or who would it be and why?

– I would do a photo session with Elvis. I just think he’s great, and he was probably pretty fun to be around. Plus he’s photogenic, so that would certainly make it easy.


16. If someone wants to schedule a shoot with you what is the best way for them to connect with you?

– Certainly by email at or even through my facebook page. Having 4 kids at home who have demanding schedules doesn’t leave a lot of opportunity for “unplanned” phone calls. They like to have my attention all for themselves, so it’s best for me to have a minute to read over emails and respond. Plus I like having the paper trail so I can always go back and read through for details if I need to.
Thanks Tiffany for taking the time to talk with us!